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Marco Sánchez

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Marco Sanchez is a Loan Officer with Equity Prime Mortgage who he has been with for two years and has officially been licensed for one year. During his time as a loan officer he has worked with first time home buyers, investors and seasoned buyers. His typical client is somebody who is new to the homebuying process and needs someone who they can trust and who makes them feel comfortable with the buying process. He graduated from Georgia State with his BBA in 2014. His family is from Durango, Mexico where he spent a lot of time when he was growing. Spanish is his first language and he was able to learn English in school with the help of his ESOL teachers. In 2012 after the housing collapse Marco and his family were forced to leave home as they found no one to help them with the mortgage they had been paying for 15 years. He credits this experience as his main motivation for joining the mortgage industry and hopes to help as many first time homebuyers as possible. For this reason he focuses on getting borrowers into homes but even more importantly, he focuses on making sure they completely understand their terms so that they are able to complete their home purchase all the way through.

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Atlanta, Concourse Parkway Office Photo

Atlanta, Concourse Parkway Office

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